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Land Records for the Peace River Country

Project Rationale


Initial Land Surveys

Township Subdivision and Land Settlement

The Settlement Wave of 1914

Geographic Scope

Time Scope

Information Scope

Project Methodology

Project Personnel

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Selected Photographs

Appendixes [As one link or many?] [from the Monkman grantap booklet]

Appendix A map The Arable Lands of Northern Alberta

Appendix B map The surveyed townships of the Peace River Country in 1910

Appendix C map Part of Township 71, Range 2, W 6, as surveyed in 1909 and 1913

Appendix D map The settled areas of the Peace River Country as of 30 September, 1914

Appendix E Portions of the Dominion Lands Act with Amendments to 1908

Appendix F The Volunteer Bounty Act of 1908

Appendix G A sample Occupancy Declaration

Appendix H A sample Homestead Application Form

Appendix I A sample Application for Patent

Appendix J A sample Acknowledgement that patent has been granted

Appendix K A sample Explanation for Delay in proving up land

Appendix L Sample Declarations of Abandonment

Appendix M A sample Land Location Register sheet

Appendixes N & O Sample File Number Register sheets

Appendixes P & Q Sample Data Input Forms being completed for each application for land

Appendixes R What will be a typical on-line Applicant Profile NOT YET FINALIZED

Appendix S A sample Instrument used to reserve q quarter-section for a minor

Appendix T Sample sheet from a Land Patent Register

Appendix U A sample South African Scrip Certificate

Appendix V A sample Instrument used to transfer South African Scrip from a War Veteran to a Land Settler

Appendix W A sample Statement of War Service


Information in the records


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